My name is David De Angelis and I am the author of a variety of books ranging from Muscle Physiology to Optometry and Biochemistry.

But now don't be scared! I am a researcher of techniques that are able to solve various problems and to strengthen various physical qualities and not only that..., although in my manuals I sometimes deal with complex subjects, nevertheless I display them in the most simple and informative way, so as to make the message and the related techniques accessible to all.

One of my manuals (currently translated and available in eight languages) is "focused" on how to improve one's eyesight "naturally", through training techniques found in dozens and dozens of scientific studies published in the most accredited journals medical / scientific.

My purpose is to provide you with valuable information that, if learned and put into practice, can bring you great and lasting benefits.

Below I present to you some of the books I have published to date, I hope you will find at least one you are interested in and, I really hope, that it can improve your life in some way and make a part of it a difference. I'm almost sure of this, as my passionate readers have shared their personal successes with me privately, on social media and on comments on Amazon.

Some of my books

The Secret of Perfect Vision

“How I recovered from Myopia”

is certainly one of the most innovative texts in the field of visual rehabilitation.

Translated into various languages, it is successfully followed by many people around the world. The "defocus retinic" is a safe and sound system with solid scientific foundations, the result of studies carried out in the last fifty years: for this reason, it has a high effectiveness in the prevention and progressive strengthening of the ability to focus on the various distances.

Together with the fundamental ocular stretching exercises, it allows the progressively dissolving of tensions and ocular blocks through the preventive work of strength, flexibility and coordination of the extrinsic muscles of the eye.

In his studies, De Angelis deviates from the Bates method and intervenes directly on the causes that generate the development of myopia (stress from hyperaccomodation/proximity). The refractive capacity of the eye, appropriately stimulated through the exercises proposed in this work, allows a gradual strengthening of the focus, followed by the constant improvement of vision.

The new edition of this work is enriched by an important chapter dedicated to the relationship between nutrition, oxygenation of blood and tissues, deacidification of the organism and improvement of focus.

A book that is now famous and fundamental both for scholars of the subject and for those who wish to undertake a healing journey that goes beyond the use of glasses, contact lenses or the use of surgical procedures.

Based on his studies, on the scientific research carried out on retinal defocus and on the personal success in the cure and remission of his initial refraction defect, David De Angelis wrote How I Cured Myopia to make his experience public and provide the basis for a new orientation of visual re-education.

The Power Vision method is safe as it is based on physiological and natural stimuli and exercises and can be successfully practiced at any age.

Available as an ebook and in print on Amazon and the best online and offline bookstores.

Power-Flex Stretching – The Secrets of Super Flexibility

The new edition is expanded and updated with photos of what to do and what not to do in the basic exercises, for the best and fastest results.
There are also beautiful and useful new anatomical tables.

The text is recommended for everyone who wants to achieve an excellent degree of flexibility in a short time. Being "loose" produces a sense of psycho-physical well-being, prevents injuries to the muscle-tendon-joint system and, above all, for those sports in which explosive movements and force are required at the extreme levels of movement (artistic gymnastics, competitive aerobics, martial arts, dance etc.), constitutes the "conditio sine qua non" for the correct and economic performance of the athletic motion.

This book is born not only from the study of various texts and scientific experiments on the topic of Flexibility and Strength, contained in the most accredited international scientific journals, but above all by the personal experimentation of David De Angelis (powerflextraining.com) of the various principles and various techniques.

Alongside the explanation of muscular neurophysiological principles and the detailed explanation of the various techniques, there is the author's example, which shows the results deriving from the correct application of the principles and methods presented in this book.

The important fact is that the degree of joint mobility shown in the photos in this book has been reached by a person who is now adult (28 years) and the degree of flexibility and strength has been reached despite the fact that he has not practiced sports like gymnastics since childhood: the author wants therefore to specify the fact of having started without any athletic and technical base and, above all, having long "limbs", of not having a genetic and biomechanical support in the exercises of strength.

The true merit of this book is not contained so much in the teaching of the proposed exercises (which any gymnast can perform), but in the fact that, as the author has shown personally, there are physical goals that can potentially be reached by non-genetically gifted individuals without an athletic past: everyone can become the "self-made man" of that miracle which is their physical being, their mind, their spirit.

The techniques presented in this book will bring you closer to physical harmony and inner balance, allowing you to express yourself to the fullest in your athletic performance.

Available in ebook and print format on Amazon and in all online bookstores as ebooks.

The Pareto Diet 80/20 - The Magical Power of Intermittent Fasting for a lean physique and an intelligent mind

Is there a secret that allows you to lose weight quickly and stably by continuing to eat your favorite dishes and in the quantity you want?

Imagine that there is a feeding model that allows you to lose weight incredibly fast and without counting calories, to keep it low and to benefit from a longer and healthier life.

What value could you have for finally discovering this secret? What impact could it have on your waistline, your health and your well-being?

This book represents a model of "intermittent fasting" which represents an "ancient secret" (because it has been used since ancient times), but rediscovered only in modern times and increasingly supported by numerous scientific researches in support of its validity and effectiveness, not only in terms of weight (fat mass), but also in terms of longevity and physical and mental well-being. The Pareto 80/20 Diet is based on an Efficacy Principle known as the "Pareto Principle", applied with great success in every field, from Business to Economics etc.

In the Pareto 80/20 Diet, alternating cycles of fasting and nutrition are used on a daily basis, instead of the "5 small meals a day" model, which on the contrary always keeps the body in a state of hyper-feeding. The Pareto Diet is a "food model" rather than a "classic diet", and does not include any restrictions on which foods to eat, but rather on when to eat them.

Simple principles, great results! Also supported by numerous scientific studies.

The Pareto 80/20 Diet is becoming increasingly popular for one simple reason: IT WORKS! It works both in cases where you want to lose weight (maybe accumulated over the years), and to strengthen your health and rejuvenation.

Are you tired of continuing to count calories and being obsessed with food all day long? The Pareto 80/20 Diet can be easily inserted as a lifestyle and feed into your life and giving you a younger, leaner and healthier body.

This book, supported by an extensive scientific reference bibliography, will explain not only the scientific and physiological bases of such a food model but also how to apply it successfully in your life.

Available as ebook and in print on Amazon and other online bookstores.

The Power of Your Vision - Manifest what you want with the Power of Intention and Imagination

This small but powerful manual is a small gem of light that will allow you to illuminate and light your Way in Life. Each of us has the full right to be fulfilled and to achieve our secret desires. The desires of the heart are those to which our soul aspires and for which we are born.

This book is meant to inspire you to find inside yourself what makes your heart beat and follow it with Passion and Trust, knowing that it will take you somewhere, even if at this moment you don't know how and don't see the end of the "road".

One of the greatest things in life is to recognize and embrace one's Vision and to follow it with Passion and Enthusiasm. This small but precious book will reveal to you how to use powerful tools and "powers", almost unknown to the masses, whose consciousness is asleep in front of the TV and the countless distractions of life.

The power of intention and imagination to influence that powerful force that guides our every step in life: The Subconscious. What distinguishes you and the great characters of History or your neighbor who seems to possess everything and have a rich and "lucky" life, is only and only what exists in the depth of Consciousness, formed by Fears and doubts or, on the contrary, from empowering Beliefs.

The Subconscious is like a system file that exists in every computer and allows it to work. Just format, change and "upgrade" this software and you're done. Very beautiful things will begin to appear in your life, almost by "magic", but they will be the fruit of your work on yourself and on your Subconscious. Change the input (your way of thinking) and you will change the output (the results of your life).

The good news is that this way of thinking can be changed in your favor, and this book wants to provide you with the tools and insights to do it.

Recognizing and following one's own Vision of life means opening the way to one's Joy and Realization. Embrace it and now follow your greatest Vision, a new and exciting life is waiting for you right now at the level of potential. It's up to you to believe it and manifest it.

Whatever you can do, or dream of doing, do it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Start now.
J W Goethe

Available as an ebook and in print on Amazon and all online bookstores.