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How it all started …

Every book I write is born of a profound urgency within me, a strong desire to find "a solution" to a "problem" that haunts me. When I was 25, I decided to start competing at a competitive level in the discipline of "competitive aerobics", a VERY demanding discipline both from the point of view of not only physical resistance, but also isometric strength (teams), choreography and... flexibility. At the time having no artistic gymnastics base, on the contrary to most of my competitors (then I participated in national competitions both in "Team" and in the "single male" category). Since, unfortunately, I was not physically prepared and at the level of those who had an athletic and technical background much superior to mine, I began to study in the medical libraries of a famous Roman University, "the secret" to developing a degree of remarkable flexibility, in spite of age. I was then able to find this "holy grail" of stretching among the "creases" of physiological and medical sports experimentation to which, fortunately, I had ample access.

Apart from the fact that I did not achieve any truly remarkable results in the competitions in which I participated, in any case I developed not only great flexibility at an age in which, generally, we are already considered "old", but above all I developed a degree of specific knowledge and "field experience" (after some injuries, tears and blood), which led me to write my first book "Power Flex Stretching - The secrets of Super Flexibility", in which I reveal an innovative way to stretch which is not only "counterintuitive" to what was commonly accepted and spread then (like relaxed stretching), but which guaranteed me remarkable results in a short time and, I want to reiterate, at an age which was no longer so "tender".   

This technique, called "isometric stretching" is the jewel in the crown of this, my first book, which is now available both in Italian and in English.

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Necessity makes virtue…

After that period of crazy training, enormous fatigue and constant pains all over my body, due to exhausting training and following the publication of my first book, I began to pursue my passion for the study of Vision phenomena, since due to the hours and hours spent studying on the books of the classical high school first, and then on the texts of the scientific journals of physiology and sports medicine, I was gradually losing my ability to focus on long distances, becoming more and more myopic .

This did not give me peace, I could not understand and passively accept the how and why I was losing this innate ability, which I had always had from an early age, to see the world in all its extraordinary sharpness and beauty.

Once again, driven by a strong inner urgency, often furrowed by a strong sense of frustration of not clearly seeing a friend who gives you a nod from afar, but always deeply confident that there was "a way" of training and training for the view, I dived once more with "a double pike jump" into the study of muscle physiology (of which I had already developed a considerable degree of knowledge, thanks to studies on muscular flexibility carried out for the previous book). I then went on to the study of the physiology of "seeing" and sifting through scientific studies and expensive optometry books, purchased at my expense, which could provide me with a way out of that visual fog that increasingly obscured my soul.

Also this time, just as if it were the happy ending at the end of a fairy tale, or the intervention of a squadron of cavalry when one is tired and ready to succumb in battle, I came across the Optometric phenomenon of the "Defocus retinicus", which together with the stretching of the eye muscles, constitutes one of the two pillars of the system that I have called "The Power Vision System”, from which the book "How I Healed From Myopia - Without Glasses, Contact Lenses and Surgery" was born. At the time of writing, it came out in its eighth language of translation (Polish, translated by the spirit of sacrifice of one of my mother-tongue Polish readers, who, sensing the importance of the message and technique contained in this book, has wished to be able to spread it also in their country of origin.

Moral of the story: the often tortuous and tiring path that led me to the birth of this my second book, represents "the proven proof" of the saying that "necessity makes virtue", and that we must learn from our shortcomings to catapult us beyond the obstacle. Each obstacle can represent an opportunity to make a difference in one's life and, often, also in that of others…

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The Power of your Vision…

In the following years I became more and more fascinated by phenomena such as "synchronicity" and the innate ability that exists in every man and woman to shape and create our material reality. I became increasingly aware that there is a precise correspondence between our inner selves and the "outer" world. I often became disconcerted and surprised to see how things in which I believed (or did not believe) deeply within me, presented themselves when I least expected it, indeed, just when I had forgotten them in the recesses of my conscience and abandoned all willpower and determination to reach them. I could not fail to notice the subtle cause and effect that linked what I had internalized in my imagination and how much more I saw myself coming "packed and ready as a gift to be discarded".

This is where my passion was born in the study, research and experimentation of the immaterial Force that governs every individual and every being in our world. Far from having understood the true reality of what quantum physics has only recently begun to understand as non-random but based factors of consciousness phenomena and beyond, I wrote a small manual in which I describe my point of view on the Power (and I would add: duty) that everyone has to follow his own Vision of life and achieve all that he profoundly aspires to. Not a work on will and discipline, but a work on the emotions, the expectations and the whole submerged part of our unconscious that I call "script", as if it were an unconscious program on which we operate our actions and life choices, also if we are not aware of it.

The fruit of my passion, study and personal experimentation is found in the book "The Power of Your Vision - Manifest what you want with the Power of the Imagination of the Intention". Aware that this "tangential departure" from the arguments I had treated so far in my books, or physiology and optometry, could have undermined my credibility as a serious independent researcher, I decided to publish it under a pseudonym, David J. Mayer. After a few years of "anonymity" I decided to take back the ownership of this book, which I wrote more with heart and soul than with mind and "discipline." To this day I still haven't regretted it. I feel inside of me that someone, somewhere that has read the information I have contained there, has received a bit of "balm for their soul" and that, above all, is following their own intimate vision of life, the one for which is really born and that is making them live and evolve under a new and renewed sense of life, and in all respects, even the material ones.

I don't feel like proving anything to anyone, every book I create is the sincere fruit of passion and obsession, aimed at solving a problem that has haunted me and whose solution I am happy to share in it…


Fasting: modern perversion or ancient wisdom?


My constant search for "maximum performance" has led me to study the effects of various feeding patterns, "diets" and special supplements. Apart from drugs, which I never used, I think I tried every type of supplement, known vitamin or coenzyme, and this led me to discover what really works and what is instead just "fresh water" and only a commercial gimmick (always respecting the H2o which is certainly the main source of life and human health).


I have always seen "Fasting" as a form of human "pseudo-perversion": depriving the body of nutrients I had always considered it a useless flogging for the body and the spirit. To this mistaken conviction I have had to change my mind widely, when I began to study and experiment on myself of the extraordinary effects of keeping the body in a beneficial state of fasting for a certain number of hours during the day. We, our body, our physical and mental health, are closely connected to what we eat. One can realize this when one begins to experience the state of fasting, which guarantees everyone not only a better weight but also and above all a level of mental efficiency previously considered unthinkable. We are literally "what we eat".


In my book "The Pareto 80/20 Diet" I wanted to apply the famous Principle of the economist Vilfredo Pareto (also known as "Principle of Efficacy"), to diet and fasting. As in all my "technical" books, I have reported and linked dozens and dozens of scientific studies on this approach to fasting which, as Hippocrates and Paracelsus, the fathers of medicine, said, "is the supreme remedy" for health. Fasting triggers a wonderful purification process that reaches every single cell, lifts the spirit and triggers your body. I am convinced that it is one of the most effective techniques offered by Nature to maintain an optimal state of health and "youth”.

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Some of my readers write…

Wonderful book! As always, thank you David. Also, this book by David De Angelis is the perfect balance between clarity, brilliant connections and scientific references. The peculiarity of David's books in my opinion is that they see more and more, one step ahead of all the others. I was very curious about the subject and I must say that this time I was fully satisfied!! A concentrate of useful knowledge for our lives on how to keep our body fit and healthy. Thanks David! I recommend the book to everyone.

– Comment on the book: The Pareto Diet

Excellent text, clear and easy to apply method I have been following De Angelis' works for years and, even this does not deny his professionalism in drafting topics which are complex making them understandable to everyone ... A pioneer of its kind! UPDATE: IN ONE MONTH I HAVE LOST 4KG OF FAT AND I HAVE MORE ENERGY THAN FIRST ... I AM PURIFIED OF THE COMPULSION TO WANT TO EAT…

– Comment on the book: The Pareto 80/20 Diet

It opens your eyes! Those who are already aware of the Bates method will incorporate the message of this book without too much surprise: the abuse and incorrect use of glasses, combined with the condemnations of the modern era (work and life in confined spaces, screens everywhere, always less outdoor life), is making us all myopic... metaphorically, but also de facto. This book offers not only visual hygiene rules, which we should all always put into practice, but also a schedule of exercises (which I started to do recently) that I'm sure will only bring benefits. following the reading of this book and the discovery of visual re-education, I discovered a new world (I opened my eyes!) that I hope will change my life.

– Comment on the book: How I Healed from Myopia

The book that changed my life. If the commitment is constant and massive, the results are there. It is a very profound work; it touches every aspect of yourself. To re-educate one's eyes means to look again at what one no longer wanted to see. Thank you, David, for this book and thanks to those who have put it into practice. There are so many success stories, don't give up!

– Comment on the book: How I Healed from Myopia

I gave 5 stars to this book because it is illuminating and clear. In a synthetic and clear way, it illustrates all the basic principles of intentional creation, in particular the fundamental phase of the imaginative defocus, to which most of the other texts dealing with the same subjects do not give the right importance. To make concepts easy to understand, the author uses beautiful metaphors. I read a lot of texts on the Law of Attraction and this book is one of the best; it is not one of the usual texts that reproduce the contents of 'The Secret', written by authors who wanted to ride the wave of sales. I recommend it to all those who are interested in the Law of Attraction... both for beginners and for those who have studied and experience on these issues. It is a book that cannot be missed in the library of those who are on the path of their own growth and evolution!

– Comment on the book: The Power of your Vision

To read and reread... This book is the book of rebirth, a book that, if read at the right time, can open the doors of light. It does not work miracles, but makes you more aware of yourself. Man is actually able to choose between a life of joy and a life of no life ... everything depends on if ... the path is not written by others ... we are writers and protagonists of a fantastic story. I'm rewriting mine. After reading "the power of your vision" I lent it three times and recommended a thousand more. Thanks David!!!

– Comment on the book: The Power of your Vision


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